Repair Authorization

Estimates performed prior to disassembly of vehicle are not accurate due to the probability of hidden damage. Therefore, it is our practice that accurate estimates of the cost to repair and the expected time to complete repairs, are not made until we have disassembled the area of damage to your vehicle. Note: After disassembly additional repair and parts will cause delays.

Prior to dropping off vehicle, all belongings must be removed. If Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision must remove and store belongings a fee will be charged. Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision is not responsible for missing belongings if left in vehicle during repair. Also, Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision is not responsible for but not limited to fire, theft, or vandalism outside or inside of any vehicle.

Be aware, Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision, Inc. labor rates are posted in the collision office. Smitty’s will review all insurance estimates for an acceptable labor rate and parts replacement. If we do not accept the insurance estimate, you may or we may contact the insurance company to discuss the labor rate and parts replacement. If Smitty’s and the insurance company cannot agree on an accepted labor rate, the customer will be responsible for any difference. There may be instances when the insurance company expects Smitty’s to purchase parts outside of our normal vendor accounts. We will make the effort to make the purchases requested by your insurance company however some parts may no longer be available or they may be inferior parts below our standard of quality. Smitty’s will do everything within our limits to work with your insurance company however it is our warranty for the work performed “NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.” We take pride in the quality, service, and safety that we provide to you as our customer.

Once the repair authorization is complete by customer, parts will be ordered per the estimate. In the event that Smitty’s does not repair your vehicle, there will be a estimate fee, fee for administrative time to process vehicle prior to repair, any labor performed in regards to disassembling and estimating the damage, parts, restocking fees for parts and materials, storage for the time the vehicle was in our possession, and any other fees reasonably incurred by Smitty’s related to your vehicle.

In the event we are able to attempt a temporary repair to vehicle that could allow customer to drive vehicle until full repairs can be completed, Smitty’s does charge a deposit for the temporary repair which could be either the insurance payment if available, customer deductible, or an amount to be determined based on the temporary repair to be completed. The deposit will be applied towards total amount of the repair.


  • 3% Credit Card Fee: Any collision repair paid by any form of Credit/Debit/Check card is subject to a 3% convenience fee. We accept all major credit cards, Bank/Debit/Check Cards, Insurance checks, Business, Cashier, Cashier’s checks, Money orders, and Cash.
  • Personal and Business Check payments are accepted only if received 14 days prior to repair completion.
  • Returned Check Fee: If a check payment is returned unpaid, you agree to make full payment of check amount and $30 return check fee within 24 hours from the date of notification payable by Cash only.
  • Customer Pay: 50% of Estimate of Record is due no later than 2 weeks prior to vehicle’s scheduled date.
  • Third Party Pay: 100% of Estimate of Record is due no later than 2 weeks prior to vehicle’s scheduled date. Our relationship is with you and not with the Third Party Payer therefore we do not do Third Party billing. Any balance is due at time of vehicle delivery. It is your responsibility to seek reimbursement from the Third Party.
  • Rental: If vehicle owner accepts a rental vehicle paid by themself or Third Party, Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision, Inc. is not Responsible for any of these rental fees.
  • Be aware, that if Vehicle Owner or Third Party Payer decides during the repair process to change and go through insurance the customer will be financially responsible for up to a $250 Administrative fee and the difference that insurance does not cover. We will make every attempt to collect for the repairs completed from insurance.
  • All customer portion of vehicle repair must be paid in full or vehicle will not be released and/or we must have proof of payment from insurance to pays us directly.
  • The insurance company may have already sent the original estimate check for payment towards my vehicle repair. Any check that I receive is to be given to Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision. I also acknowledge that Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision must verify payment prior to releasing the repaired vehicle. If Smitty’s is unable to verify payment, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to pay for repairs and will be reimbursed upon receipt of payment from the insurance company. I understand that I am responsible for any deductible, adjustment for depreciation and/or betterment amounts or failure of my insurance to pay other labor, part, or material costs necessary to restore my vehicle to its pre-accident condition as required by state law. If we are not a direct repair for the insurance company, please take note of our labor rates and vehicle owner hereby acknowledges the financial responsibility for any overages the insurance company does not cover.

In some cases, your assistance may be required by following up with the insurance company to make sure they make timely payments. In the event an insurance company is not responding to our submission for supplements and/or payments we will require the customer to follow up with the insurance company.

Employees of Smitty’s and its sublet vendors may occasionally operate your vehicle for testing, moving, or pickup/delivery purposes. During the process of repair, it is normal for the battery to be disconnected which may result in memory presets.

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