Rental Car Policy

We know your vehicle needs to be repaired, when do I get my vehicle fixed?

Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. does its best to accommodate every vehicle to be repaired as quickly as possible. Your vehicle is important to you and to us and we want you to have the best experience during the repair process. The repair process takes time to get everything needed to repair your vehicle back to like-new condition. From the day of the accident to picking up your vehicle can take several weeks. Smitty’s typically has an extended waiting time to get you into our schedule. During this time, we are still working on preparing for your vehicle to arrive. We cannot predict how many accidents there will be, we do our best to get everyone scheduled in a timely manner.

Am I entitled to a rental vehicle?

Your insurance company has the definite answer to this question. The general rule is, that if you have purchased rental coverage on your existing auto policy, then you are entitled to a rental car.

I need a rental vehicle but I don’t have rental insurance coverage?

Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. works with all rental car companies. We also have loaners that are first come first serve based on availability. More details can be provided when you schedule your repairs.

Do I need to schedule my own rental vehicle?

You can schedule your vehicle rental or the team at Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. can schedule it for you! However, some insurance companies may request that you schedule your rental vehicle.

How do I pick up my rental vehicle?

Just drop your car at Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. during business hours, let us know you are expecting a rental vehicle, and the rental company will either bring the rental to you or come pick you up and take you to their facility.

When/How do I return my rental vehicle when repairs are complete on my vehicle?

Depending on who your rental vehicle is with will determine the best way to return your vehicle. We can call or electronically notify the rental company when you come to pick up your vehicle. Please do not return your rental vehicle unless a Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. representative has contacted you and told you that your repairs are complete. If you are at all unsure about this, please give us a call to confirm.

What if additional damage is found during the repair of my vehicle or there is a delay?

If additional damage is found during the repairs to your vehicle, and they are determined to be accident related, then the insurance company will pay for them. Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. will produce a supplemental invoice and submit it to the insurance company when this occurs. The supplemental time needed to repair your vehicle will allow for additional time on your rental.

What if my rental vehicle is about to run out of coverage?

Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collison, Inc. does its best to maintain a schedule. However, in the process of repairing vehicles there are many unknowns until a vehicle is disassembled and then reassembled. We try our best to consider delays for additional repairs, additional part ordering, returns and replacement parts, and many other factors that can cause delays when repairing your vehicle. If the additional repair is considered accident related your insurance company will cover the additional time.

Who is financially responsible for my rental vehicle?

If you have rental on your policy or you are the claimant of an accident the insurance company may pay the costs of the rental. Your rental may be covered during the time which your vehicle is being repaired. Please check with the insurance company for actual coverage details.

Due to Covid, part delays or other unknown delays, Smitty’s Maintenance Repair & Collision, Inc. cannot be responsible for additional rental days not covered by Insurance, a Third-Party Payer, or Customer Payer.

When is a rental not covered?

There are many reasons a rental may not be covered but are not limited to these.

  • Drivable vehicle. If your vehicle is drivable, we recommend driving your vehicle.
  • Non-drivable vehicle. Some insurance companies will not cover rental until the date the vehicle is actually scheduled to be repaired.
  • You don’t have rental coverage on your policy.
  • You don’t have collision coverage on your policy.
  • Insurance company must be notified of a claim prior to obtaining a rental vehicle.
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